Tailored Underground Tanks Single wall in Steel

Tailored Underground Tanks
Single wall in Steel

At Citergaz we manufacture products for various business areas. We have in this specific segment the know-how for the idealization, projection and production of tailored single-walled underground fuel tanks in carbon steel.

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Watertight Enclosures

For Fuel Tanks


Manufacturing Standards


  • Manufactured in high density polyethylene (HDPE), Citergaz Watertight Enclosures are waterproof chambers designed for direct coupling into the Underground Fuel Tanks Manholes. They are intended to allow direct access to equipment, namely submersible pumps and pumping systems, providing a clean and dry work area. With their complete water tightness they avoid the potential occurrence of contamination of the surrounding soil with the product stored in the tank.
    • Designed for screwing directly to the manhole of the tank;
    • Suitable for all types of tanks connections;
    • Height adjustable;
    • Several faces to allow the entry of pipes at various angles;
    • Manufactured from virgin linear polyethylene, by the rotomoulding process;
    • Reduced weight and ease of installation;
    • High mechanical and corrosion resistance;
    • Storage in conditions of total environmental safety in case of spills of the product to be stored from the connecting pipes to the tank;
    • Easy monitoring of manhole and his connections;
    • No visual impact;

For detailed information please refer to the product technical data sheet (PDF.).
For more information, please consult our sales department.

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