Tanks for AdBlue®

for AdBlue®

At Citergaz we manufacture products for various business areas. We have in this specific segment the know-how for the representation and commercialization of AdBlue® tanks in HdPe.

Our experience, along with excellent qualified workers, as well as knowledge acquired over the years, allows us to operate from the chemical industry to the food industry, including the extractive industry, among others. We are a company with eyes on the world, we try to increasingly have our products spread all over the globe, so we like to be able to affirm that we have the real capacity to produce for any part of the national or international territory.

For detailed information please refer to the product technical data sheet (PDF.)

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Tanks GRG

For AdBlue® in HDPE


Manufacturing Standards

  • GRG tanks, made of high density polyethylene (HdPe), resistant to UV rays with capacities of 200 liters and 410 liters manufactured according to the European ADR Standard;
  • Made with white body and lid in blue color;
  • Suitable for storage and safe distribution of AdBlue®, in agricultural, industrial or other machinery, without risk of contamination or spills;
  • Manufactured by rotational molding, they are very resistant, easy to handle and can be transported in open/closed vans or trucks, thus allowing the refueling of the machines in the places where they are working, avoiding trips to the filling stations;



  • These equipment can be customized with the Citergaz logo and the word AdBlue®.

For more information, please consult our sales department.

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