Hydrocarbon Separators

Hydrocarbon Separators

At Citergaz, we manufacture and sell products for various business areas. We have in this specific segment the know-how for the commercialization of hydrocarbon separators in HdPe.

Our experience, along with excellent qualified workers, as well as knowledge acquired over the years, allows us to operate from the chemical industry to the food industry, including the extractive industry, among others. We are a company with eyes on the world, we try to increasingly have our products spread all over the globe, so we are happy to be able to affirm that we have the real ability to design and sell to any part of the national or international territory.

For detailed information read more below or please consult the product’s technical sheet (Pdf.)


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Separadores de Hidrocarbonetos ...

Hydrocarbon Separators

in HdPe


Manufacturing Standards


  • Built in high density polyethylene (HdPe) and consisting of two separate modules coupled;
  • Modules composed of a sand separator and other particles, coalescing filter and automatic shutter;
  • Fluid inlet fitted with hydraulic baffle to regulate stronger flow rates;
  • Sand separator (first chamber) to decant inert materials, heavier from water, so that they do not affect the following phases;
  • Coalescing filter to improve the throughput of the flotation process until it allows the separation of small particles of hardly separable hydrocarbons. The filter element consists of hydrocarbon-resistant plastic modules;
  • Hydrocarbon storage chamber where hydrocarbons are deposited until collected.
  • Automatic shutter to lock the output of the product. This occurs as soon as the hydrocarbon storage chamber is filled.

For detailed information please refer to the product technical data sheet (PDF.).
For more information, please consult our sales department.

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