Who we Are

With more than 35 years of experience in the metalworking industry, Grupo A. Silva Matos is a reference supplier for the global energy industry. Following its philosophy of sustainable growth over the years, the ASM Group is today composed of three major business areas related to Energy: Equipment for Oil & Gas, under pressure tanks, Wind Towers and road tanker trucks.

From this Group, in 2007, in a unifying perspective, ASM GLOBAL ENGINEERING SGPS was founded, a holding company created for the area of storage and transport equipment of liquids, gases and powders, as well as special road equipment.

Solid Roots

The ideal is often born in the mind and heart of only one person. As it is shared, it grows in will and materializes in reality.
The desire to grow and be a prominent actor in the international panorama, allied to dynamism and proactivity, guides the Group’s companies daily.
We strive to make our businesses credible above all else. Authenticity combined with experience and knowledge sharing allows us to generate interrelationships of mutual appreciation and work with rigour and responsibility that has been a factor of differentiation and appreciation of our activity.
Trust in competence and the pursuit of goals is a reality present in our customers. We are aware of the constant need for innovation in the sector and are committed to modernizing our projects/products and work processes in order to satisfy a constantly changing market, always with the highest respect for the environment and a constant concern for the safety of all those involved with the companies of the Group, ensuring the quality of the requests and requirements that are placed to us.
We assume the management for total quality. We demand from our suppliers and employees a prompt response, which we also want to provide in all our commitments to our customers.
We understand the work in total interdependence, where the success of the most important project depends both on the simplest and the most elaborate contributions because by managing the overall quality in the smallest detail we are ensuring the success of our achievements.

Since our origin, several factors accompany us and form our past, shape our present and continue to guide the future of the Group’s companies.

We believe there’s always a better way to do things. We are very committed to our employees and to adding value to our customers’ businesses as well as to our own goals. We want to have a global position that determines future development.


Our business objective and main reason.

Company 1Our mission is to create value through employees, competent and motivated, provide effective and professional solutions that correspond to the needs of our customers and stakeholders in the market segments in which we are inserted, monitor the evolution of employees’ performance and the profitability of the business by providing products of the highest quality to anywhere on the globe, always in accordance with the legal procedures, needs and requirements of customers, in order to obtain their total satisfaction.


Our path and direction to success.


We want to continue to be a reference in the design, production and maintenance of equipment for the transport of liquid products and powdery products, standing out for the quality of the equipment it puts on the market and the attitude of approach to our customers.
We envision to be recognized for our competence and capacity, in the actions of our mission, to be pioneers in innovative technical solutions of high quality, that allow us to satisfy the growing need of our customers, through a business model conscious and based on the sustainable protection of the environment and the improvement of Health and Safety at Work conditions of the Organization and our employees.


Our motivations, philosophy and attitude.

Company 2Our activity focuses on certain fundamental values:

  • Globality
  • Autenticity
  • Responsability
  • Competence
  • Inovation
  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Search for New Markets
  • Involvement of Employees and Suppliers in achieving the company’s objectives
  • Continuous improvement of the Organization

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